Winona Davenport: Golfer, Author, Motivational Leader
  As Winona sits in her kitchen, there's a puzzle on the counter and a project for the kids at the Zone on her lap. This peaceful scene belies that whirlwind of energy and optimism that makes Winona such an important part of Phillips.

With the unofficial title of Town Spark Plug, Winona Davenport is a wonderful example of what one person can do to affect the lives of hundreds of people, spreading cheer, optimism and celebration throughout the town. This can be seen every year at the Annual Scarecrow Reunion (which she instigated), every week at the meeting of the Indoor Golf Club (which she founded), every day at the parks (which she helped renovate), and every hour at the clear ringing of the Congregational Church's bell (which she helped acquire).

She is an uncanny fundraiser, with a knack for coming up with events and ideas that grab people's attention and make them feel good about participating in the many worthy causes around the town.

Winona is known for her past activities on the Conservation Committee and as the original owner of True Value Hardware and as the author of Phillips Through My Eyes (available at the Hardware Store). Her contributions have left people in the town of Phillips grateful that she led innumerable town-improvement efforts.

Her present love of golf and children inspired her to found the Golf for Kids program in which she gives kids lessons and brings them to the golf courses. She continues to add installments to the debt of gratitude that the people of Phillips owe her.

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