Lori Berry : Owner of 5-K Pizza & Sandwiches
  Lori is at her station ready to take your order.

Step into the 5-K Pizza, right on Main Street, and you'll see a rack of newspapers, a refrigerator full of cold drinks, shelves with chips, cream horns and Devil Dogs, and tobacco products behind the register. And the aroma of pizza baking is sure to make you hungry or wish you were.

Lori is behind the counter. She is the "new" owner, since she bought the place from Randy Campbell in 2004, and she's likely to be considered the new owner for many years to come. Randy started serving up pizza on Main Street in Phillips in the 70s.

Lori continues the tradition of making delicious pizza, and she has added a woman's touch to the place. She's created a dining area with red-checked table cloths and gingham curtains. She's added more beverage coolers and taken out most of the game room games. She's expanded the DVD offerings and created a little convenience store section, which comes in handy, since the 5-K is the store that is open the latest in Phillips.

"I'm working on it a little bit at a time," says Lori, "I don't want to make things change too much too fast."

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