Julie Hardy : Licensed Massage Therapist
  Julie laughs as she holds up her healing hands. "In Phillips I feel appreciated and needed," said Julie. "I like the feeling of being recognized by so many people in town."

Julie Hardy's office is in a little house on Main Street, right between the Methodist Church and 93 Main Street Cafe. Comfort for the belly, comfort for the body and comfort for the soul. When you walk in, you hear gentle music and the easy sound of a water fountain. The room in back is private and quiet and has the pungent smell of arnica, the pain relieving herb.

She focuses on therapeutic massage, pain relief and relaxation. Her work is influenced by cranio-sacral therapy, a very gentle and subtle approach to balancing the head and spine.

Her clients include everybody from aching woodsmen to the woman in search of a little relaxation. While Julie makes no claims that her massages are beautifying, it's commonly noted that people look younger when they receive regular massages from Julie.

"My clients always express that they are so thankful that this is available in Phillips," said Julie, "and it means a lot to me to be able to provide this service in the town where I grew up."

After every massage, Julie sends her clients off with a bottle of water and permission to be good to yourself for the rest of the day.



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