Harley Haines: Owner of Phillips Hardware Store
  Ask Harley about rabbit hunting ...

Harley bought the hardware store from Winona Davenport in the 2001 after having worked there for years. It's a lot more than a hardware store. You can get toys, clothes, used books, kitchen supplies, custom glass and screen windows, maple syrup, cold drinks, dry cleaning drop-off, crafts, post cards, keys, and pipes cut and threaded. There's much more stuff, even a good deal of hardware.

The store also sells thrift items to benefit the church, the library, and Golf for Kids.

But Harley is happiest when he's talking about hunting, and the hunting season is one of the store's busiest times, almost as busy as planting season in June. Hunters can weigh and tag their quarry and register as part of the Biggest Buck Club. There's ammo, warm clothes, hunter's orange for sale, and advice freely given. The best-selling hunting tee-shirt at the store has the image of an insignia on the chest saying "Registered Maine Poacher."



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