Julie Hardy : Co-Owner of Edmunds Market
  As the town grocer, Julie has a lot on her hands. 

Julie Hardy, along with her husband Chris, make sure the Phillips folks and people all around have good food. Their grocery store, Edmunds, is well stocked with fresh produce, fresh meat and deli products, fresh baked goods, fresh ground coffee, and even a little health food and ethnic food. It's clean, it's friendly and well organized. And maybe most importantly, for many of us anyway, its prices are competitive with all the big grocery stores and Wal-Marts in the bigger towns nearby.

Located on Route 4, right next to the post office, Edmunds sees a lot of customers from away. "The faces change with the season," says Julie. "In summer there are all the folks with summer homes here; in fall you see the hunters and leaf peepers, in winter there are the snowmobilers and skiers, in spring you pretty much just see a lot of mud."

Julie continues, "We're lucky in that we are centrally located. If you look at us on a map and look at a 100 mile radius, you'll see a lot of cities within easy driving distance."



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